The course appeals to pilots who intend to acquire or refresh multi crew skills and flying techniques in the jet aircraft environment. It’s fit to a company selection for recruitment.

The course takes place on a Mechtronix Generic Jet Full Flight Trainer (FFT) that is designed to represent the cockpit and typical flight performance found on a modern fifty-seat regional jet aircraft. The aircraft simulated features a wide-body fuselage with four-across seating. The Mechtronix Generic Jet is powered by the CF34-3B1 powerplant. The Mechtronix Generic Jet is capable of maintaining a cruise speed of up to 0.81 Mach. The aircraft’s maximum operating altitude is 41,000 feet

Our Instructors in Jet Oriented Course are Line Captain, Company Instructors and Pilots Recruitment staff for Airline Companies.

Course structure:

  • Theory 8 hours
  • Simulator 8 hours

Lenght:  2 giorni

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