The modular ATPL course is suitable for those wishing to work as professional pilots in the aeronautical sector and is designed in particular for people who already possess a PPL licence with a minimum of 150 flight hours experience behind them, 100 of which as Pilot in Command.


to train student pilots up to theoretical knowledge of ATPL holders and to reach the privileges of CPL/IR holders

Pre-entry requirements:

  • PPL holder
  • to have 1st class medical certificate
  • sufficient knowledge of math, physics and english

Length: 9-18 months

Course structure:

  • VFR single engine (15 hours)
  • Night VFR (5 hours)
  • IFR single engine (45 hours)
  • IFR multi engine (15 hours)
  • Theory (600 hours)

Next Courses

  • 47° course – May 13th, 2024

  • 48° course – Oct 14th,  2024