The PPL (Private Pilot Licence) allows you to carry out flights as a hobby. At the end of the course, candidates will be qualified to pilot single engine aircraft, using Visual Flight Rules.

After obtaining this licence, those pilots who wish to become professional pilots can enrol on the courses designed to prepare students to obtain a professional licence.

Pilots who do not wish to make a career out of flying, after having obtained the PPL licence, can extend their competence and knowledge through a course leading to a qualification for multi engine aircraft (CR MEP) alternatively by following a course leading to a qualification to fly using Instrumental Flight Rules (IR).

Length: 3 months

Pre-entry requirements:

  • to be 16 years old at least
  • to have the 2nd or 1st class medical certificate


to train student pilots to reach the privileges of a PPL holder

Course structure:

  • Flight hours: at least 45 hours
  • Theory: 100 hours

Next Courses

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